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 Capacity Building Workshop at St. Joseph’s Sr. Sec. School


In today’s era teachers need to strengthen their skills, instincts, abilities to survive, adopt and thrive in fast changing world. Therefore a Capacity Building Workshop was conducted by the Principal Ms. Monica Chawla of St. Joseph’s Sr. Sec. School. This workshop filled up the staff members with zest and zeal to gear up after summer break.

She showed some P.P.T’s which very loudly and clearly gave the message that if a student is dealt with love and care transforming a child is not a difficult task. She emphasized on the fading habit of READING which has now been side lined because of internet. It is must for teaching fraternity to remain updated and equipped themselves for the ethical and moral upliftment of their students.

One of the P.P.T’s shown by her emphasized on how a teacher can leave an imprint and become a legacy in a student’s life forever. This P.P.T motivated many who were present there to be a guiding Pole Star in their student’s life. She touched the cords of the heart by reverberating song “Living water flows on” which filled the hearts of mentors with internal peace.

The effective classroom management techniques were the significant takeaways from this workshop. Fun filled activities for teachers were the most thrilling moments where each and every staff member participated with great zeal.

Why St. Joseph’s?

St. Joseph’s Sr. Sec. School is one of the chandigarh’s prestigious schools with quality education, a strong intellectual backdrop, an unequivocal commitment to social service , a curriculum that develops various qualities such as discipline, leadership, a spirit of service fair play and becoming responsible world’s citizens.The school bagged three awards in the current session ‘The Best School for Quality Education ‘,’Swachh Vidyalaya’ and ‘ The best Eco club’.
  • a well equipped transportation system
  • to nurture and train players
  • Highly qualified, competent and dedicated staff
  • Music and dance classes
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