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We, at St. Joseph’s make attempts to assess the aptitude and attitude of the learner by nurturing inputs in a stress free environment. Education at the school level is to make learning a joyful experience. Evaluation of the students performance is an integral aspect of curriculum implementation. Therefore, the following methods are adopted at various levels for evaluation

Primary Block
Under the guidelines of the CBSE, the CCE will be spread over the whole year. There will be four scholastic evaluations during the academic year assessed through Five point grading system. Besides this, each child will also be assessed twice in co-scholastic area through the activities like – project making, group discussion, team work, spell well, quiz, power point presentation, debate, poetry recitation, declamation, collage making and various other Art & Craft activities.

Middle and Secondary block (VI to X)
There are no formal tests / exams at the Primary Wing. Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation Policy as per CBSE rules is being implemented at the Primary Wing under which the children are evaluated in academics including assignments / project work, activities and personality development throughout the year. The profile of the students is being reflected in CBSE prescribed graded format instead of marks.

  • Assessment in scholastic areas will undertake both formative and summative assessment.
  • Formative Assessment comprise of various activities, class tests, assignment, presentations, group discussions, dramatics, paper reading, project work, public speaking, working models, collage making, poster making, case study, story telling, recitation, book review etc.
  • In summative assessments, the question paper in every subject for SA-I will be based on Term I syllabus and for SA-II on Term-II syllabus.
  • An academic year has been divided into two terms – Term I (extending from April to September) Term II (Extending from October to March)

Term I and Term II will have following weightage:

Term I: FA1 (10{3f70f9a8c3c6dce97c450f395153996bf91142d7b272a4f1e896ddd657469407}) +FA2 (10{3f70f9a8c3c6dce97c450f395153996bf91142d7b272a4f1e896ddd657469407}) +SA1 (20{3f70f9a8c3c6dce97c450f395153996bf91142d7b272a4f1e896ddd657469407}) = 40{3f70f9a8c3c6dce97c450f395153996bf91142d7b272a4f1e896ddd657469407}

Term II: FA3 (10{3f70f9a8c3c6dce97c450f395153996bf91142d7b272a4f1e896ddd657469407}) +FA4 (10{3f70f9a8c3c6dce97c450f395153996bf91142d7b272a4f1e896ddd657469407}) +SA2 (40{3f70f9a8c3c6dce97c450f395153996bf91142d7b272a4f1e896ddd657469407}) = 60{3f70f9a8c3c6dce97c450f395153996bf91142d7b272a4f1e896ddd657469407}

Formative Assessments:

FA1 (10{3f70f9a8c3c6dce97c450f395153996bf91142d7b272a4f1e896ddd657469407}) +FA2 (10{3f70f9a8c3c6dce97c450f395153996bf91142d7b272a4f1e896ddd657469407}) + FA3 (10{3f70f9a8c3c6dce97c450f395153996bf91142d7b272a4f1e896ddd657469407}) +FA4 (10{3f70f9a8c3c6dce97c450f395153996bf91142d7b272a4f1e896ddd657469407}) = 40{3f70f9a8c3c6dce97c450f395153996bf91142d7b272a4f1e896ddd657469407}

Summative Assessments:

SA1 (20{3f70f9a8c3c6dce97c450f395153996bf91142d7b272a4f1e896ddd657469407}) +SA2 (40{3f70f9a8c3c6dce97c450f395153996bf91142d7b272a4f1e896ddd657469407}) = 60{3f70f9a8c3c6dce97c450f395153996bf91142d7b272a4f1e896ddd657469407}

Senior Secondary Block
The streams offered at senior secondary level are -Science, Commerce and Humanities.



Science Group English ,Physics, Chemistry, Physical Education/Computer Science, Math/Biology.
Commerce Group English, Economics, Business Studies, Physical Education/Multimedia & Web Technology, Maths, Accountancy.
Humanities Group English, Political Science/Psychology, Sociology, Economics/Punjabi, Physical Education/Multimedia & Web Technology.

Students can opt for Math as an additional subject which gives them extra benefit while seeking admission in higher classes.

Why St. Joseph’s?

St. Joseph’s Sr. Sec. School is one of the chandigarh’s prestigious schools with quality education, a strong intellectual backdrop, an unequivocal commitment to social service , a curriculum that develops various qualities such as discipline, leadership, a spirit of service fair play and becoming responsible world’s citizens.The school bagged three awards in the current session ‘The Best School for Quality Education ‘,’Swachh Vidyalaya’ and ‘ The best Eco club’.
  • a well equipped transportation system
  • to nurture and train players
  • Highly qualified, competent and dedicated staff
  • Music and dance classes
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