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 Innovative Pedagogy

As reflective practitioners we   strongly believe in imbibing amongst the educators the teaching – learning process as an ecosystem where we rigorously work on three I’s- Intention, Implementation, and Impact.

A Teacher is expected to be an epitome of care, gentleness, perseverance, rationality, and firmness. She strives to nurture the novice with aesthetic understanding, humor, originality in thinking, discretion between right and wrong. During this process at times the teacher encounters Catch 22 situation. So, it is essential to devise mechanisms that facilitate, empower and energize the teachers in an unruffled manner to combat the situation. We at St. Joseph’s consider the forgoing situations as a scaffold to support & engage our students academically & emotionally via our innovative pedagogical practices.

3C-Creatively Crafted Curriculum – The 3C practice is a tailored fit program for gaining undivided attention, curious listening ears, and cheerfully blossoming students. It circumferences creative teaching without books and bag. It is designed with an aim to brush up the basic concepts of the students and groom them for the new session. The freedom of an activity-based curriculum creates an intriguing, candid will for experimentation in the classrooms.  

 Collaboration with Government Schools– The school collaborates with adjoining Government Schools because of warm and amiable heads who welcome the attempt to set in motion new programs with zeal. Diversified curriculums are undertaken with a vision to enhance learning and growing brighter in times ahead. Activities like Health and Wellness, Fit India Movement, Let’s dance together, Art for joy workshop, Peer mentoring and Co-curricular events have been executed collaboratively.

Teaching Beyond Walls-Teaching Beyond Walls’ is imparted as a unique pedagogy where the society at large is touched by our students and teaching community. In context to this, a week prior to Teacher’s Day, the students and the staff members visit ‘Old Age Home’, ‘Phingalwara’, ‘Sorem’ and ‘Mother Teresa’s Orphanage’. The idea behind this initiative is to do our bit as an educational institution and to bring joy in the lives of as many underprivileged people of our society as possible.

Cross Disciplinary Coalition- It is a healthy pedagogical partnership amongst the educators where they indulge in sharing their knowledge, skills, instructional design, teaching pathway and technique-based repositories to  their fellow educators. This coalition stands true to the dictum knowledge shared = Knowledge2 

Educonclave & Educarnival- An art integrated learning festival celebrated enthusiastically with the aim to integrate visual and performing arts. Educarnival strives to develop ‘Higher Order Thinking Skills’ in the students by openhandedly doling out interdisciplinary impetus. Educonclave an amalgamation of verve, camaraderie, creativity, and passion is celebrated for three days as an extravaganza to engage in constructive activities on the offered themes. These innovative programs prompt the students to be lucid with their opinions and understandings of the current scenario presenting their unique blended version of the learnings.

Samarpan Ceremony-In order to take a leap from the typical practice of previous class teacher handing over the academic and anecdotal record of a child to the new class teacher, we practice the same in a ceremonial manner under the flagship of SAMARPAN CEREMONY. The old class educators and new ones have a virtuous discussion about all the class students, individually. This approach prompts them in emerging as engaging educator, passionate pedagogues with a student friendly and student centric approach throughout the academic session.

Why St. Joseph’s?

St. Joseph’s Sr. Sec. School is one of the chandigarh’s prestigious schools with quality education, a strong intellectual backdrop, an unequivocal commitment to social service , a curriculum that develops various qualities such as discipline, leadership, a spirit of service fair play and becoming responsible world’s citizens.The school bagged three awards in the current session ‘The Best School for Quality Education ‘,’Swachh Vidyalaya’ and ‘ The best Eco club’.
  • a well equipped transportation system
  • to nurture and train players
  • Highly qualified, competent and dedicated staff
  • Music and dance classes
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